Deadlines for various AP titles for 2023 and half of 2024


I have decided to list the deadlines to get stories and pin-ups in. I hope this helps.

It will be listed by title and the deadline to get material to me for consideration.

NINJA HIGH SCHOOL #193-10/1/2023

TOMORROW GIRL #6-11/1/2023

FURRLOUGH #194-11/1/2023

NINJA HIGH SCHOOL #194-12/1/2023

TOMORROW GIRL #7-1/1/2024

PENGUINA #4-1/1/2024

NINJA HIGH SCHOOL #195-2/1/2024

FURRLOUGH #195-2/1/2024

TOMORROW GIRL #8-3/1/2024

NHS is bi-monthly as well as Tomorrow Girl. They switch months with each other. Furrlough and Penguins are both quarterly. Submitting to the various anthologies is at at anytime but I must have complete story arcs, chapters or have it come to a conclusion.