ANTARCTIC PRESS announces “FREE AP COMIC AD” Retailer Store Incentive!
As of today if you are a comic retailer with a brick and mortar store (i.e. a physical store location) you can participate in the AP FREE COMIC AD incentive. That’s right! You can promote your store in an AP comic at ABSOLUTELY NO COST! TOTALLY FREE to YOU! Here is what you need to do if you are a comic retailer that wishes to participate in the program:
1. You will need to provide a print ready ad that promotes your store. Be sure to include all contact information and your physical address. The ad can be either black and white or in color (we highly encourage color). The image area must measure 6″x9″ on a 6.75″x10.5″ area. It must be either in a TIFF, Photoshop, JPG, or PDF format at no less than 300 dpi for best reproduction. AP highly encourages the use of AP characters in the ad and grants permission to use any character owned by AP (Ninja High School, Mighty Tiny, Tomorrow Girl, Penguina, etc.). All other characters must have permission from the rights holder before any reproduction can occur and copyright info must accompany any illustration not owned by the comic retailer. You may submit as many variants of the ad as you want.
2. AP will decide where the ad will go where space is available in a up coming AP comic. Comic retailers may request to appear in a certain publication but there is no guarantee that it will appear in the requested comic but will do what it can if space is available.
3. AP can decide what frequency the ad will appear and can continue or drop the ad at its own discretion. AP reserves all rights.
4. AP will notify the retailer where the ad will appear if so desired.
They must contact AP in writing if they wish to be notified.
5. Send your print ready ad with contact person to: with the header AP FREE COMIC STORE AD.
We hope that if you are a comic retailer or know of one who might be interested in this program to participate. Please feel free to share.