So you want to have TOMORROW GIRL or PENGUINA in your comic.

This is known as an OPEN LICENSE. You are licensing the character of TOMORROW GIRL and/or PENGUINA but at NO COST TO YOU.

Here’s how to do it.

1. If you want to use TOMORROW GIRL or PENGUINA you must first send me a proposal of your story for approval. If it passes approval you will be notified by email only. Send all story proposals to Ben Dunn at

It may take a few days or up to a week for me to review your proposal.

2. If approved you will be required to do the following before we can proceed. A licensing agreement will be sent to you with all rules and caveats that must be followed. Any deviation or breaking of the agreement will mean immediate termination of the license. This is up to mine discretion and is non-negotiable.

3. Once the agreement is signed by both parties you are allowed to use the character for single use in your story. You can profit from the story and keep 100% of the proceeds for a single use. You cannot reprint the story without specific permission from me.

To receive the licensing agreement please email at

Use header: TOMORROW GIRL/PENGUINA licensing agreement request