What and How to Join the AP SUPERVERSE!

Welcome to the SUPERVERSE!

What exactly is the SUPERVERSE? It is, in a nutshell, a creator driven and owned SHARED UNIVERSE. By being part of the SUPERVERSE you will be able to take part in a shared universe that will allow you to contact other creators on publishing, creating, printing, and character exchanges and crossovers.

You also allow other creators to contact you for the same purpose. You agree to allow other creators to crossover into your universe to create a larger universe.

Here are the general rules:

1. You agree to share your contact information and character(s) with other creators and they will do the same AS LONG AS THEY HAVE YOUR EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION.

2. You will be part of the SUPERVERSE as long as you wish to be. You can leave at any time but you must RE-APPLY and there is NO GUARANTEE YOU CAN RETURN so please think it over carefully. This is a decision not to be taken lightly.

3. You can share information of any kind here with your fellow SUPERVERSE creators as long as it is within the pervue of your fellow creators. NO POLITICS or other controversial agendas ARE ALLOWED AND ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN and maybe cause for membership to be withdrawn.


There are certain criteria that will be needed to be considered part of the SUPERVERSE. 

1. If you own your creation. You can have co-creators but there has to be a designated representative that other creators can directly deal with. If you need permission from a fellow co-creator then that is your responsibility.

2. You must have a physical comic published but digital comics are allowed for review and consideration.

3. ANY AP COMIC CREATOR CAN JOIN. If you have been published by AP in the past, present or about to be then you AUTOMATICALLY can join but you still need to apply so I can add your consent to the database as well as your character.

4. You must have an e-mail address that you use for direct communication.

5. NO PUBLIC DOMAIN characters are allowed to be part of the SUPERVERSE. Since they are public domain it is considered to be fair use by ANYONE.

6. You CANNOT use another person’s creation. PERIOD. 

7. A application MUST BE FILLED OUT and submitted to Ben Dunn at antarcticpressdallas@aol.com for consideration. If approved you will get an approval email and and an official seal that you can use should you choose to do so to let others know you are now part of the SUPERVERSE. ( an application will be included in this section for you to download and fill out).


1. You can contact fellow creator through the private database to set up crossovers. You can also make deals with your fellow creators on things like printing, hiring other creators, etc.

2. You can also post things on how to get things produced.

3. You can also cross-promote your crowd-funding campaigns or share them.

This NOT a legally binding contract. It is simply a clubhouse for us to have fun and to benefit each other, promote our creations and to share knowledge.

However, I can at anytime pull your membership should the spirit or rules be violated. Toxicity will not be tolerated. If you have trouble with a fellow creator work it out like adults. Do not pollute others with it.

I hope everyone who becomes part of the SUPERVERSE will enjoy being part of it and hopefully we can together create the largest shared comic universe in the history of comics.

Sample application