This is Ben Dunn and I want to thank you for showing interest in what I hope will be my newest anthology title.

My initial plan is to crowdfund this puppy and share in the spoils.

You will get 20% of the net from the campaign split among the total number of pages.

I don’t know honestly how it will do so truth be told  you will be taking a chance that you will get…frankly nothing in a worst case scenario but if we play our cards right my hope is that fabulous riches await us (or at least we get something).

So dear intrepid creator should you decide to forge ahead here are the guidelines.


is an anthology that takes traditional fairy tales an fables and gives it a Tennessee Williams spin where the stories take place in the deep south.

It will be an ADULTS ONLY affair so go as far as your demented mind can take you. There will be NO CENSORSHIP of any kind. What you give me is what will be printed (though I may correct a typo or so).

The minimum number of pages will be 1 (duh) and the maximum? Well, there will be none. Want to give me a 100 page story? Go for it. Though there will be a deadline

It will be a mix of color and black and white work. If you want to submit in color that is cool. Want to do it in black and white, that’s cool too.

All work must follow these criteria though (since I’m kinda lazy):

1.All files must be on image area of 6.75”x10.5”. Be sure to keep important artwork and dialogue within a 6”x9” area so it don’t get trimmed.

2. All files must be in TIFF, JPEG or Photoshop.

3. Minimum 300 dpi resolution.


I would like to have the dang book ready by the summer for a crowd funding.

So I have set the initial deadline for

JULY 1, 2022

Can’t wait forever you know.

I will then set the campaign to cover printing costs and shipping.

Once they are covered whatever it makes above and beyond that will be split by the number of total pages each creator contributed (after the blood-sucking platform takes their cut, of course).

That’s pretty much it. Am I missing something? Probably. So feel free to ask or inquire if you have any questions. I will try my best to answer them. LET’S BRING BACK HORNY, GOOD OL’ ‘MERICAN ADULT COMICS! What cha’ say. You wit me?

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