NINJA HIGH SCHOOL Universe Guidelines


Welcome! We at ANTARCTIC PRESS are looking for new, interesting and inspired material for its

newest anthology title: NINJA HIGH SCHOOL UNIVERSE Here are some general guidelines that will help expedite things and improve your chances of getting accepted.


NINJA HIGH SCHOOL UNIVERSE will feature stories that utilize the characters and concepts from the NINJA HIGH SCHOOL universe. Alternate takes or expanded stories of the concepts and characters are encouraged. Please no hardcore sex or full frontal nudity.

1. Please send in complete material. Do not send in half complete work or proposals that are not finished.

2.Stories must be 1-16 pages.  Though some exceptions maybe made depending on circumstances.

3. Both color or black and white material are accepted.

4. Image size must be equal to 6.25” x 9.5”.

5. Send as JPEG, PSD, PNG, TIFF or PDF. Minimum 300 dpi. We will ask higher resolution if we accept your submission.

6. You allow ANTARCTIC PRESS and its employees to review your material and give your consent.

7. EMAIL submissions only. All submissions to be sent to Ben Dunn at Be sure to use NINJA HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK header. All stories become the property of Ben Dunn and Antarctic Press.

8.I am also looking for cover artists as well. All possible covers must be complete and in color.

9. Page rates are based on a royalty basis. Here is how it is calculated:

GROSS SALES x 20% royalty (3000 sales or below) / number of pages = page rate

if sales are over 3000 an additional 1% royalty is added per 1000 copies sold up to 25% maximum.


$5000 gross sales x 20% = $1000 / 32 pages = $31.25 per page

so the higher the sales the bigger the page rate.

Work vouchers must accompany any payment.

Payment is usually made 30 days AFTER date of publication release.

10. No graphic sex or full frontal nudity is allowed.


Hey thanks for the submission we do appreciate that you are considering Antarctic Press for your creation. But before we move forward I do have to give what I call our disclaimers…which are things you need to understand about AP, indy comics and the comics market. It is not meant to scare you but I believe in full disclosure when it comes to these matters.

1)      We are a small indy comic book publisher…while we have been around since 1985 we do not sell millions of copies of our releases. In the industry today selling indy books is tough especially through the current distribution system. Even our best-selling books sell about 4000 copies and typically our new indy titles sell between 400 and 1200 copies. So if your expectation is to take the market by storm it is very very difficult.

2)      While we do pay based on royalties as you can see the royalties on most books is not great. The good news is if you can get traction on your book and market your book to your fans it may result in a decent payback. I just did not want to sugarcoat any expectations.

3)      There is no funny stuff in our contracts. You own the book and the property we are a creator owned company and we believe in creator rights. We will not interfere in any outside sources of revenue you generate on your book (if you offer Indiegogo or kickstarter on your book it may affect some Diamond sales but we look past that). We will not own any part of your creation.

4)      There are no payment shenanigans with our contracts. It is a straight royalty. Some companies deduct advertising, printing fees etc…for creator owned books and we do not do such things. We also always pay our bills and while a creator may not get a king’s ransom you will never see that we do not fulfill our obligations.

5)      Since we are not a large company we do not have an endless advertising or marketing budget. While we do have some presence in Previews and online we are limited in that regard. We would encourage any self-promo that you can perform

6)      Despite these disclaimers our calendar is full…so while we may like your project it may take a bit of time to get it out. If you do not have the time to wait we would never interfere in you taking your creation elsewhere. We try to expedite releases but as we speak we have multiple books in the pipeline and a limited amount of space to release those books.


 Don’t get us wrong…if we like your book we want to get it out but we have constraints which limit our ability to get all these great creations out. So if I did not scare you away then I can get your book into the editorial pipeline and see where it ends up. 

Please send to: