5 Native American Super Heroes that would make awesome movies!

Recently Marvel Comics created a Native American character in the guise of CAPTAIN AMERICA. This got me thinking of Native Americans that have already appeared in comics and TV and made  somewhat a pop culture impact.

What I have compiled is a list of characters that I think would not only make an awesome movie or TV show but is ripe to bring back in comics! In no particular order:


  1. BraveStarr  aired from September 1987 to February 1988. Created by FILMATION to support a toy line it was set on the Planet of NEW TEXAS where a new marshall arrives to bring law and order!


Marvel Comics created this original character back in the 1970’s. First appearing in AVENGERS #80, RED WOLF is a native american who is endowed with mystical powers when a new generation arrives.



First appearing as a Legionaire in the the LEGION OF SUPERHEROES comic series DAWNSTAR is from the planet Starhaven, a world colonized byAmerican Indians abducted from Earth by an unknown alien race in the 13th Century. Her name is derived from the appearance on Earth of the planet Venus, the “morning star”, and which is the reason she wears an eight-pointed star ornament on her forehead.



Another character from FILMATION series from 1981. John Blackstar is an astronaut from Earth who finds himself stranded on the planet Sagar after being swept in his spacecraft through a black hole that took him to an ancient alien universe. On Sagar, John makes allies with the Trobbits, the shape-changing Klone, the dragon Warlock, and Mara the Enchantress. With his allies, Blackstar opposes the Overlord who seeks to take over Sagar.



The LONE RANGER’s loyal companion and friend, TONTO could easily have solo adventures in the old west.


There you have it. Those are my suggestions. Do you have any that you would like to suggest? Let me know