So PIXAR released ELEMENTALS and it is tracking to be a major box office flop. That would make the 5th one to date. What is going on with them? Well, ever since they let some of the creators that made PIXAR go it has essentially become Disney Animation lite. I foresee that at its current trajectory it will close its doors and be folded into DA. BUT! I have an idea that might not only save PIXAR but distinguish itself from form the competition. When PIXAR started it was the first to release a fully computer animated feature and was wildly successful. Here is where they can take a chance again. Do ANIME. That’s right, you heard me. Do anime but with that PIXAR flair. Take it to a level never seen before. Anime allows it do more more mature subjects as well as kiddy fare. It can delve into ideas never seen before and to take into territory that most Americans have never seen. It would also distinguish itself from the pack. Anime has a WORLDWIDE REACH. If a movie like DEMON SLAYER and DRAGONBALL can become international hits imagine it with the PIXAR name. All I am saying is that WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE?