Genesis: TOMORROW GIRL is the creation by BEN DUNN. She first appeared officially in NINJA HIGH SCHOOL V2 #1. There is mention of a Golden Age version in the TOMORROW MAN special #1. She is part of the Tomorrow Man family and the NINJA HIGH SCHOOL universe.

Origin: The planet Nepton from the far future is destroyed by alien robots and they send a beam into the past to grant powers to whomever gets them in order to prepare for the coming of the robots. Heidi Yfory ,along with her uncle and cousin, all got the powers. However, there are rumors that other people were also exposed to the future T-Ray. The T-Ray has different effects on people depending on their mental mind set. The Yorfy family decided to use their powers for good inspired by her uncle Morgan Yfroy’s comic shop heroes. Her cousin, Jason Yfory. is a bit of a show-off and very self-centered.

Power set: Flight (max 2x speed of sound), heat vision(max 2800 degrees F,1538 degrees C), tomorrow strength(max weight load 100RM), tomorrow speed (10x movement), hyper invulnerability (10000 kg/m^3), tomorrow vision (x500 magnification), tomorrow hearing (x100)

How her powers work: All her powers are mentally activated as the T-Ray taps into the surrounding energy fields and channels it through her brain. However, her powers only come on if she wills it and they turn off when she expends too much energy or if she now longer is thinking of using them. She needs to eat and sleep in order to restore he T-ray daily.

Weaknesses: If she is denied food or water her powers weakens. If she is caught off guard she can be overwhelmed. If exposed to the mineral Neptonite (any radioactive element hit by the t-ray) which causes her to break down crying.

Background: Heidi is 16 years old and attends Quagmire High School. She excels in literature. Her weakness is math and science.

Acquaintances: She dated Ricky Feeple, a ninja, who attended the same high school. She was part of the team THE OTHERS.

ENEMIES: Tomorrow Girl has a enemies that give her a hard time. Her biggest enemy is Professor Gloom and Rex Ruthless.

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