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It’s BEN DUNN Before (6/12/2020)

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Back in the early 2000’s AP had a contract to produce comic graphic novels aimed at younger readers with the primarily library publisher ABDO. One of the series that we were asked to adopt was the book line known as THE BOX CAR CHILDREN. I was not aware of the series but I did a quick dive to get me up to speed. The Boxcar Children is a children’s book series originally created and written by the American first-grade school teacher[1] Gertrude Chandler Warner. Today, the series includes well over 150 titles. The series is aimed at readers in grades 2–6. Of course they were written over 50 years ago so it had to be up-dated to fit modern sensibilities. Luckily, the stories were very evergreen so it was relatively easy to do so. I had a lot of fun doing the stories and it exposed me to a whole new series of books I was unaware of.

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