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INDIE WARS Prolog Plot

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Here is the main outline for INDIE WARS.

Go wild and have fun! I cannot wait to see what I get.

INDIE WARS Plot Outline

Somewhere in Chrono-Space at the center of time stands the Rock of Eternity.
Every 1,000,000 solar years the entirety of the universe aligns perfectly.
This is when the Time Traveller’s Flea Market opens. Where time travelers and dimension hoppers go to buy, sell and trade.
On this day Professor Steamhead has taken Jeremy Feeple, Ichi-Kun and Asrial to find more Zetranite. A rare steam based mineral.
As they wander around the flea market Jeremy gets separated from the group and sees a small girl crying in a corner. He finds out
what is wrong and offers to help. The girl says to him that she has a object called the Infinity Egg and needs help to get it open and get the little prize inside.
In reality the girl is the dimensional entity known as D-KAY. An elder god who wants to control all of reality. The Infinity Egg can only be opened with one of pure intent.
Ichi and Asrial join Jeremy as he is about to open the egg. Asrial recognizes D-Kay and warns Jeremy not to open the egg but it is too late.

A sudden flash of light and the 3 find themselves in an empty void. The 3 are confused and ask each other what is going on. A mysterious voice appears and a speaks to them. It tells them that the Infinity Egg has the power to create infinite versions of the of those within it’s blast radius which was D-Kay, Jeremy, Ichi and Asrial.
They must now inhabit the bodies of their versions of themselves in various dimensions and stop D-Kay from controlling that reality. The more realities he controls the more powerful he becomes. If he controls enough realities he can “re-set” reality in his image.

They must now send their essence to each reality. find D-Kay and stop whatever plot or threat he is hatching.

D-KAY-He has no “real” form. He is like a virus. He mutates into whatever reality he inhabits so he could be just about anything. The only thing that gives him away is that Jeremy can detect his aura or feel his presence.

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