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Proposal for INDIE WARS
Anybody can join the WAR

The NHS crew is at a flea market and Jeremy stubbles upon special looking egg upon opening the main villain (NONCOM – short for No Comics) unleashes the Ink Destroyer virus which will destroy all comics.
To save comics the NHS crew travels to different “comics” to patch and destroy the “holes” that this virus creates in each of the comic book realms. The “holes” that are patched can be whatever the creator of those stories what to use.
Rules of the series
1)      Each story should be 1-6 pages long (try to keep it an even number if possible). Exceptions can be made. Story must be lettered. Color is encouraged and improves your chances however black and white is acceptable. Page size should measure 6.75″ x 10.5″ with a live area of 6.25″ x 10″. Submissions must be in digital form as either Photoshop or TIFF at 300 dpi minimum. Send submissions to: under INDIE WARS header. DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL ARTWORK!
2)      You must have the NHS crew in your story (to keep story continuity as best possible) but they can wear whatever costume you want (they are travelling through each “realm”) and can be the creators vision of those characters. You should limit the story to the characters you have copyright (we do not want to mix and match to avoid conflict)
3)      There can be NO NUDITY or EXPLICIT images (cursing is allowed). If a story is deemed unacceptable by out standards (like if its all stick figures) we have a right to refuse.
4)      The last panel in each story (it can be a small one) should be “there is the portal to the next realm”
5)      The deadline for submission is May 20 to hope to be offered by June 1


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