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INDIE WARS Release form

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Deadline to submit is May 20.2020

You have permission to copy and paste this document.

Release Form

Hello! I am glad that you are interested in wanting to participate in INDIE WARS. However, before we go any further please read the release form before you continue so that you can decide for yourself if you wish to become part of this endeavor.

INDIE WARS is a comic series or graphic novel that will involve creator owned characters from various comics series. The purpose of the series is to promote and create excitement for these characters. It is also to have a event that will keep comic readers both engaged and excited about independent comics.

1. This release form must accompany any submissions.
2. You acknowledge that you submit your creation for consideration into INDIE WARS and will allow Antarctic Press to use creation/story in anyway to promote it.
3. You allow Antarctic Press to print, distribute and re-print material in any media form including print or digital now and into perpetuity.
4. Antarctic Press makes no claim or rights to the creator’s creation.
5. I am over 18 years of age. If you a parent or guardian needs to sign.
6. I am the sole owner of the creation. If more than one creator is involved please include their signature of approval in writing.
7.Antarctic Press has the right to refuse or drop any material that it deems inappropriate or for whatever reason it deems detrimental to the project.
8. Creator has the right to pull out at anytime as long as if gives notice in writing.

I_____________________________________________________ agree to all the above terms

Additional creators if applicable______________________________________________________________________________________________________



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