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How a mailing mistake cost Antarctic Press PROJECT: A-KO!

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How a mailing mistake cost Antarctic Press PROJECT: A-KO!
Around 1995 AP was riding high on doing manga. A lot of other publishers also was riding the anime/manga rising tide. Also a lot of new companies were springing up to do dubs of anime properties. One of the companies that arose at that time was CENTRAL PARK MEDIA (CPM). AP had a good relation with CPM and knew quite a few people who worked in the marketing department. One of the properties that they controlled at the time was PROJECT A-KO. One of my favorite anime series I wanted to get the license for AP to adapt as a comic. So I decided to make a pitch. I went and painted a cover to see if I could get the license. Once the cover was complete I packed it up and a proposal letter and sent it. The trouble was that I mistakenly sent it to my then NINJA HIGH SCHOOL publisher at the time ETERNITY COMICS. I did not realize my mistake until they called me as asked about the cover. With horror I realized what I had done. I explained to them what the cover was intended for. Well, my editors at Eternity Comics were also looking for properties to adapt having just released CAPTAIN HARLOCK (which I worked on). They asked if I would be willing to do the adaptation. What could I do? I was stuck. Not wanting to miss out on doing the comic I said “yes”. So, Eternity Comics’ did the deal and it was released under their MALIBU COMICS imprint. If only I had checked the address label before I sent that painting out history might have been different. I did manage to use the painting for the PROJECT: A-Komic #2 as a convention exclusive for the 1996 A-KON.

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